Anti-money laundering policy

You must return with your signed and completed subscription document legible copies of the following documents, as applicable:

For Individuals and Joint Investors:

  • Copy of biography page (with photo) of subscriber’s unexpired passport or copy of driver’s license or other government-issued identify document showing a photo of the individual as well as their full name and birthdate;

  • Proof of subscriber’s current address (e.g., current utility bill dated within the last 2 months);

  • Together these documents shall be referred to as the “individual verification documentation”.

For Corporations:

  • Memorandum of association or articles of incorporation, or bye-laws (or other equivalent documentation);

  • Copy of the certificate of incorporation/certificate of trade or the equivalent and any change of name certificate, if applicable;

  • Evidence of the corporation’s registered address;

  • Certificate of incumbency; and

  • Individual verification documentation is required of the following:

    • At least two of the authorized signatories (Individual Verification Documentation already supplied pursuant to directors and beneficial owners can count towards this requirement if the directors or beneficial owners are authorized signatories)

    • All directors of the corporation who:

      • Own 10% or more of the corporation;

      • are authorized to execute any and all documents in connection with this

        investment or from whom the General Partner will accept instructions in relation

        to the fund; or

      • are politically exposed persons

    • Beneficial owners, who own 10% or more of the corporation, and any other principal controller of the Corporation (unless the owner or controller is a company quoted on a recognized stock exchange or is a subsidiary of such a company. Where the owner is another corporate entity or trust, the identity of the underlying beneficial owners or settlors must be ascertained and Individual Verification Documentation attached.

For Partnerships:

  • The partnership agreement;

  • Certificate of incorporation/formation;

  • Specimen signatures of all partners authorized to execute all necessary documents in connection with the Partnership’s investment;

  • Individual verification documentation of all partners in the Partnership that own an interest of 10% or more in the Partnership and any other principal controller of the Partnership; and

  • Evidence of the trading address of the Partnership.

For Trusts:

  • The trust agreement;

  • List of names of all of the Trustees containing the current address of such Trustees (if not listed in the Trust Agreement);

  • Specimen signatures of all Trustees authorized to execute all necessary documents in connection

    with the Trust’s investment in the Partnership (if not listed in the Trust Agreement); and

  • Individual verification documentation for all trustees, settlors, and beneficiaries. Where any of

    these are corporate entities or partnerships, additional verification documentation will be


Note: Your subscription application will not be deemed complete until all of the required documentation listed above is received by the General Partner. Upon approval of your subscription and verification of your identity, you will receive confirmation of the Interest purchased. If the subscription is not accepted, payment will be returned to you. The General Partner reserves the right to request additional information, to request that you update your information if it is determined that your information is outdated, and to waive any informational requirement above.