Harness The Power of Volatility

In the capital markets, the constant movement of prices is characterized as market volatility. It is volatility that measures the amount of uncertainty or risk associated with the current value of any capital asset. 

Siprana Capital’s expertise lies in the systematic management of market volatility for the economic benefit of investors in U.S. equities. Siprana strives to provide investors with benefits created by a two-part value proposition that is unique in the marketplace - to increase overall returns relative to U.S. stocks (i.e. generate Alpha) over full equity market cycles while simultaneously providing equity investors with a statistically superior level of diversification than is available from traditional asset classes.    


An absolute return managed volatility hedge fund which profits from the algorithmic trading of highly liquid volatility products.


Achieve portfolio diversification

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Capture Incremental Alpha

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Given the inherent advantages in volatility markets, a relative value managed volatility strategy can provide significant Alpha over its traditional counterparts and may give investors the unique ability to diversify their portfolio in an otherwise correlated landscape.